Bovine Serum

Bovine Serum (BS) contains a low haemoglobin level and has high batch conformity. In comparing with FBS or NBC, Bovine Serum has a lower nutritional value. Therefore it is often used for less demanding cell lines. Our BS comes from healthy, inspected calves. Tico Europe offers Bovine Serum from Australia (AUS), New Zealand (NZ), USDA, South America (SA) and Europe.

BS AUSBovine Serum Australia500 mlToon details
BSD AUSBovine Serum Dialysed Australia500 mlToon details
BSD EURBovine Serum Dialysed Europe500 mlToon details
BSD SABovine Serum Dialysed South America500 mlToon details
BS EURBovine Serum Europe500 mlToon details
BSHI AUSBovine Serum Heat inactivated Australia500 mlToon details
BSHI EURBovine Serum Heat inactivated Europe500 mlToon details
BSHI SABovine Serum Heat inactivated South America500 mlToon details
BSIR AUSBovine Serum Irradiated Australia500 mlToon details
BSIR EURBovine Serum Irradiated Europe500 mlToon details
BSIR NZBovine Serum Irradiated NZ500 mlToon details
BSIR SABovine Serum Irradiated South America500 mlToon details
BSIR USDABovine Serum Irradiated USDA500 mlToon details
BS NZBovine Serum New Zealand500 mlToon details
BS SABovine Serum South America500 mlToon details
BS USDABovine Serum USDA500 mlToon details