Cell Culture

Tico Europe offers cell culture products from classical cell culture media to innovative serum products. Tico Europe supplies products and services that are used by a growing community of researchers. We have developed into one of the key global suppliers of Fetal Bovine Serum, other animal sera as well as a wide and comprehensive range of products for biomedical researchers. Our product port folio includes a range of serum reducing (Cholesterol Concentrate), serum replacing products, media and products for Molecular Biology.

Tico Europe cell culture products offer the highest quality, consistency and performance for cell and tissue culture based applications. As a leading supplier of an impressive range of cell culture products, Tico Europe provides absolute commitment to purity and traceability, first class service and timely delivery.

Select the free sample you’d like online and find out why Tico Europe serum products are trusted by an ever increasing number of scientists. We will log a reserve along with your sample request to ensure your desired quantity is held for you until your sample assessment is complete.