Molecular Genetics

Molecular genetics is the study of chromosomes and the related disease states caused by abnormal chromosome number and/or structure. Chromosomes are complex structures located in the cell nucleus, they are composed of DNA, histone and non-histone proteins, RNA and polysaccharides. They are basically the “packages” that contain the DNA. Normally chromosomes can’t be seen with a light microscope but during cell division they become condensed enough to be easily analyzed at 1000X. To collect cells with their chromosomes in this condensed state they are exposed to a mitotic inhibitor which blocks formation of the spindle and arrests cell division at the metaphase stage. A variety of tissue types can be used to obtain chromosome preparations. Some examples include peripheral blood, bone marrow, amniotic fluid and products of conception.

Chromosome abnormalities can be very complex and there are two basic types: numerical and structural. Numerical and structural abnormalities can be further divided into two main categories: constitutional, those you are born with; and acquired, those that arise as secondary changes to other diseases such as cancer.

Tico Europe offers a full range of Molecular genetics products:
  • Cytogenetic Reagents, a product line including special media and reagents for the cultivation of chorioncytes, amniocytes and lymfocyten.
  • FISH probes from Cytocell for fast and accurate detection of human genetics diseases in cytogenetics and cancer.