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Tico Europe is distributeur van onderstaande bedrijven in Nederland en/of Europa. Wenst u meer informatie over een bedrijf of over een specifiek product, aarzel dan niet om contact met ons op te nemen.


Since 1991 the name of Cytocell has been synonymous with novel developments in molecular cytogenetics. Initial successes with the Chromoprobe Multiprobe® System were followed over 10 years ago by those of our Aquarius® liquid probe range.

Today, Cytocell is able to offer a comprehensive range of classical FISH probes for subtelomeric and pericentromeric regions, cryptic chromosome deletions, whole chromosome painting and prenatal analysis. They also offer a range of products for Oncology, specifically in haematology and pathology applications; offering for the first time a comprehensive range of FISH probes for the modern pathologist to assist in Cancer diagnosis and prognosis. The proprietary BAC clone collection has this year also enabled us to launch a fully quality assured custom FISH probe design service.

For more information: www.cytocell.com


Biochrom AG was founded in 1981. Meanwhile it has become one of the leading European manufacturers of sera and media for the culture of human and animal cells.

Biochrom AG provides cell culture media and sterile solutions for pharmaceutical production. Among other products, they deliver animal sera, such as Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). Biochrom is also a partner for feasibility studies concerning new media formulations.

For more information: www.biochrom.de


Rocky Mountain Biologicals, Inc. (RMBIO) is a life science company specializing in the fractionation of blood products in order to support the biopharmaceutical and clinical diagnostics industries. As a leading provider of high quality protein supplements, RMBIO is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of our customers by providing superior products and services.

As a critical component supplier to the bio-manufacturing industry, RMBIO obtains the safest raw materials available by sourcing only from US, Australian, and New Zealand suppliers. Vendor validation procedures and facilty audit of our bovine serum and plasma sources ensures that our supplliers meet stringent quality and safety measures.

RMBIO is committed to providing the materials and services needed to advance research and studies within the biotech, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries. Areas of focus include cell culture, cell biology, and media development. We continue to collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry to develop new, state-of-the-art products and services to support our customers’ needs.

With our technical expertise and focus on quality and technical systems, RMBIO is dedicated to providing the highest quality of cell culture media supplements and diagnostic tools in the industry.
Founded in 2004, Rocky Mountain Biologicals, Inc. has its headquarters in Missoula, Montana.

For more information: www.rmbio.com


Healthgen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a private company, which was founded in 2006. We are focusing on developing, manufacturing and marketing a series of environmental friendly and safe products by using the State-of-the-Art platform called OryzExpress, which can highly expresse proteins or small peptides in the cereal crops.

Utilizing the OryzExpress platform, Healthgen Biotechnology maximizes the innovative animal-free product development opportunities for clients and partners. Its cost-effective expression capability made it become a breakthrough expression platform.

Gained a number of patented technologies, Healthgen Biotechnology has achievements in developing and commercializing products, such as: OsrHSA (recombinant human serum albumin), OsrAAT (recombinant α1-anti-trypsin), OsraFGF (recombinant acid fibroblast growth factor), and OsrbFGF (recombinant basic fibroblast growth factor).

Meanwhile we are experiencing cooperation with other prospective biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in expressing their ideal proteins or peptides.

Healthgen Biotechnology‘s Quality Control System has been certified by SGS against the ISO 9001: 2008 requirements, which ensures standardized process as well as qualified products. With the scale production facilities built and managed according to the GMP requirement, all products meet current required standards and can be suitable for the usage as the cell culture media supplements, cosmetic additives, industrial reagents, bio-pharmaceuticals and life science researches.

For more infornation: www.oryzogen.net


CellTrend GmbH was founded in 1998 and has ten employees. CellTrend is a biotechnology company and is working as a contract research organisation for the pharmaceutical industry. CellTrend is performing cell based Bioassays with the focus oncology and immunology.

Furthermore, CellTrend develops, produces, and distributes Immuno-Assays e.g. ELISAs (enzyme linked immuno sorbend assay), a quick and sensitive analytical method that is characterized by specific binding of antibodies to analytes. Various validated diagnostic and research test kits are available. If required, samples are analysed in CellTrend laboratories. We also offer to develop new ELISAs for your analytes.

CellTrend is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 (medical devices), and ISO 13485:2003 CMDR (Canada Medical Devices Regulation). Our Total Quality Management affects all processes and has been developed to fulfill our customers’ needs. Our personnel are extensively knowledged and practically trained. We strictly adhere to the rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, FDA).

In 2006 CellTrend developed the ELISA for the determination of Auto-Antibodies against the Angiotensin-II-Receptor-I. The assay is worldwide patent (European patent number 1393076). The assay is validated according the Guidance for Industry: Bioanalytical Method Validation, US FDA May 2001.

See for more information: http://www.celltrend.de

Biological Industries

Biological Industries is one of the world’s leading and trusted suppliers to the life sciences industry. With over 30 years’ experience in cell culture media development and manufacturing, we have supplied products to and collaborated with many of the industries leading academic institutes and biotechnology companies.

Our products range from classical cell culture media to supplements and reagents for stem cell research and potential cell therapy applications to serum-free media and many other products for animal cell culture and molecular biology. We are committed to a Culture of Excellence through our advanced manufacturing and quality-control systems, superior regulatory expertise, in-depth market knowledge, and extensive technical customer-support, training and R&D capabilities.

For more information: www.bioind.com



For more information: www.deparator.com

Ontores Biotechnologies

A leading Biotech company since 2009 committed to provide professionally high quality and comprehensive proteomic and genomic industry solution to our global customers. Ontores offers innovative solutions for antibodies, building blocks, oligonucleotides and peptides. Ontores carries a broad spectrum of bio-reagents that will meet everyone’s need in their multi-disciplinary research. Ontores also provides cutting edge custom services including antibody production, contract research services and peptide synthesis.

For more information: www.ontorespeptide.com

Applied Spectral Imaging

ASI develops biomedical imaging solutions, supporting fluorescent, Brightfield and spectral image-acquisition, for the Pathology and Cytogenetics laboratories. ASI platforms support manual and automatic scanning for a wide range of workflows and applications.
The GenASIs automated imaging platforms for pathology and genetic analysis provide advanced diagnostic aids for pathologists and cytogeneticists, with reproducible and reliable results.

GenASIs platforms can be used with any brand of brightfield or fluorescence microscope, and support manual and automatic scanning for a wide range of workflows and applications, to best suit the needs, size and budget of any lab. HiPath Pro™ and PathFusion™ are automated imaging platforms that provide advanced diagnostic aids for pathologists, with reproducible and standardized results. As your caseload increases, so can your lab enabling growth from a single slide stations to 9-slide or 81-slide scanning stations, additional workstations, dedicated servers, and modular LIS/LIMS connection to automate your workflow.

ASI’s GenASIs Platforms enable processing of more cases, quicker and with better clinical results. ASI provides labs with accurate, repeatable and standardized analysis of karyotyping, FISH, CISH, quantitative IHC, as well as spectral imaging for research applications.

For more information: www.spectral-imaging.com